Our beautiful church is a very popular wedding venue. At the heart of every wedding service stands a couple who love each other and who wish to make a loving commitment in the presence of God. Every couple should remember that weddings do not need to be big, elaborate or expensive occasions. The love and sincerity of the couple and the support of family and friends are the crucial ingredients in a wedding service.

The first step to booking your wedding is to phone the parish office, who will then arrange for you to meet with one of the clergy. They will then take all the details, check that you are eligible to marry at this church and book you in at the right date and time.

For information about weddings in the Church of England, please follow the link here. To enquire call the Vicarage on 01980 259054


Initial enquiries about Baptism should be made through the Vicarage 01980259054, or fill out the contact us form here.  We welcome anyone to bring their child (or themselves!) for Baptism.
Baptism is to do with the individual child or adult and is not dependent upon the faith of anyone else.  That means that we welcome babies and children for Baptism, even if the parents are not regular Church-goers themselves.  We believe that Baptism is vitally important for the spiritual life of the individual concerned, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

It is customary to have three godparents - two of the same sex as the child. Baptisms usually take place on the second and fourth Sundays at 12 pm, as we have many requests for them. Baptisms are not usually conducted during Lent or Advent, which are more solemn periods in the Church's year.

Further information about baptism in the Church of England can be found here.


This is for children aged around 10-11 upwards and adults. Confirmation classes are run each year and take place over a number of weeks. Not being baptised already is no barrier as this can take place in the context of the Confirmation service itself. 

Confirmation services take place at Salisbury Cathedral.

Further information about confirmation in the Church of England can be found here.


You can talk directly to Fr Darren for all Funeral enquires. The phone number is 01980259054

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