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The stoup, font, or lavatorium, was found during the 1860 excavations at the mansion house. It was found, lying on its side, in a corner of what may have been a cloister.

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The font is also one of the few remaining items indicating the antiquity of the site. It consists of a square Purbeck bowl from around 1200 AD, decorated with blind arcading and rests on a late medieval base containing traceried panels on the sides.

It was recorded by Buckler when he painted his pictures of the church and its interior fittings in the early 19th century, but didn’t remain intact for much longer. Butterfield, in his restorative zeal, broke it up and used it for hardcore under the chancel floor!

Fortunately, the pieces came to light again during the works in 1907, and the font was reconstructed. It is this fortunate reconstruction that one sees today.

The fonts