The Seal of Amesbury Priory

This is similar in design to the seal used by Isabel of Lancaster who was prioress at Amesbury between 1343 and 1349.

This period saw the beginning of the weakening in the priory's fortunes; the war between England and France caused a deterioration in the relationship between the priory, its French mother-house and the English Monarchy.

The Seal of Isabel de Geneville

Isabel de Geneville was elected prioress at Amesbury in 1309. It depicts the prioress kneeling, with the king seated above.

At the time the priory contained over 100 Nuns, and was enjoying one of its more prosperous periods with royal privileges and a strong relationship with France.

The priory held considerable land and traded successfully in wool and corn.

You can read more about the priory in the Amesbury Abbey section of our history pages.


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