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Amesbury Abbey

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Amesbury Church

Welcome to St Mary and St Melor history website. We have created a tour through time, right up to the present day, to allow you to find out more about our ancient building. We have split our tour into four sections, you can find them below. They are historical finds, Amesbury Abbey, Amesbury church and a virtual tour. To begin just navigate to one of these sections below. 

Throughout the website, you will find videos and links to external websites that can give you more information. 
Our church is a grade one listed building located in Amesbury, the oldest continuous settlement in the UK. It is also on the border of the World Heritage Site of Stonehenge. Founded in 979AD the abbey has been a place of worship for over 1000 years.  All that remains of the original abbey is the Church. 
In the virtual tour, you can follow me as we explore the church building as it is today and watch our short videos about points of interest or artefacts with historical significance.

Here you find more about the church building including what some might see as Victorian vandalism  ​

Find out more about the historical items found in and around the site of the Church. including a Saxon Cross and the Amesbury Pslater​

Take a tour around the church with pictures, videos and more

Historical finds